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Information for Referring Practitioners


Dr Maliyasena welcomes referrals for adult patients with Respiratory disorders (excluding sleep-disordered breathing).  Referrals can be sent directly to the relevant practice, or submitted electronically via Medical Objects. 

Dr Maliyasena will need to review the referral before your patient can be offered an appointment. This is to ensure that referrals are categorised according to clinical urgency, and to ensure that all necessary investigations (such as comprehensive lung function tests, blood tests or imaging) have been arranged prior to your patient's appointment.

If your patient requires an urgent appointment or their condition has deteriorated whilst awaiting review, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Maliyasena directly to discuss the case.


  GP Education and Practice Visits 


Dr Maliyasena conducts GP Education sessions in the community, and visits medical practices on a regular basis.  If you would like to arrange a practice visit, please complete the form below. 

Request a Practice Visit

Thank you! We will contact you shortly. 

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